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At Bell Booth Sirkka we care about your eyewear needs. Our team takes pride in helping you select appropriate frames and lenses for your lifestyle needs so you can see and look your best.

Fashion and technology are constantly changing which is why we are committed to regularly updating our selection to offer more options to suit your needs, style and budget.

When you choose to get your glasses from us, you are getting more than just modern frames that suit your lifestyle. You’re getting a high-quality product, carefully selected by our expert team and made with care and attention to detail.

Receive full optical services within one-hour (no appointment needed)

Keeping Your Glasses in Good Condition

  • Do your glasses need an adjustment? Is a screw loose? Do your nose pads need replacing?
  • Our team of experts can help you get the right fit and are equipped to make minor repairs on-site. No appointment necessary.



Our Stylish Frames

Your eyeglasses should be as unique as you are, and shopping for new eyewear should be fun. If you are unsure what frames suit you best, let us help you discover what style of frames flatter you. Our team is trained to make recommendations based on your face shape, colouring, personal style and spectacle prescription.

Our Personalized Lenses

Choosing the correct lenses are crucial to making the most of your vision. Lenses can reduce eye strain, eliminate glare, and more. Our full-range of lens options include high index (thin) lenses, premium anti-reflective coatings and photochromic (transition) lenses.

Are you looking for new frames that capture your unique personality, or new lenses to help you experience life to the fullest? Bell Booth Sirkka offers affordable frames for the whole family.

Complimentary Frame Consultations

Our team of trained opticians and optometric assistants would love to help you find the perfect frames for your new look. Not only will our team of friendly experts help you decide which frames best suit your style and personality, but they will also explain the benefits offered by each lens style and brand, and help you select lenses that best suit your situation.



Bell Booth Sirkka offers non-prescription and prescription sunglasses for all ages. Our team takes pride in helping you select appropriate sunglass frames and lenses so you can enjoy the great outdoors safely – and in style.

While fashionable frames are important, investing in lenses that provide proper ultraviolet (UV) protection is critical to protect your eyes from sun damage. Exposure to UV is cumulative and direct contact with sunlight can cause eye problems such as sunburn, cataracts, degeneration of the cornea, and abnormal growths on the eye’s surface.

Allow us to help you protect your eyes and express your personal style. Visit Bell Booth Sirkka today or check out our selection online.



Sports eyewear are designed to offer all the benefits of safety and prescription eyewear with additional stability. This enables you to get active without fear of compromising your vision or the safety of your eyes. We offer specific eyewear to fit your individual sport or fitness lifestyle.

Visit Bell Booth Sirkka to try a pair on (available in prescription and non-prescription) or view our online selection.



Highest Quality. Most Reasonable Prices.

Northern Ontario is made-up of many industries that require proper safety glasses such as mining, logging, skilled-trades, rail transport and the list goes on. Bell Booth Sirkka has been serving these industries since our inception in 1962.

Most eye injuries are preventable with the appropriate eyewear. Our selection of safety glasses will give your eyes the best coverage they need wherever your work takes you. Cold or hot, night or day, wet or dry, we’ve got you covered.

We provide both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear, and our prescription protective eyewear can be custom made to fit your needs! Choose from frames made of plastic/polycarbonate, metal, or nylon, and lenses that are single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive.

Are you an employer looking for a safety glasses supplier?

Bell Booth Sirkka can assist you with bulk purchases and prescription orders.

Contact our team for more information.